Upland Road, Huia Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Upland Road Home in Huia is situated on the Manukau Harbour overlooking Huia Bay. Designed as a vernacular inspired home incorporating traditional New Zealand materials, site specific environmental design principles, passive solar gain for ample winter sunlight entering the house, native plant restoration, vegetable gardens, and orchard.

Sensitive North orientation and the floor plan arrangement optimise south west views over Huia Bay and Manukau harbour, while achieving direct Northerly aspect. Thermal mass walls are strategically located through the home for optimised passive heating. The home makes the most out of the two way living scenario with North facing courtyards (out the back), that are protected from the south west prevailing winds (out the front).

During summer the home is designed for optimised passive cooling using stack effect (hot air rising principle) and cross ventilation. Windows are specifically positioned to maximise passive airflow and cooling through the home, reducing heat build-up.

The home is designed for an anticipated electrical energy load of 3000-4000kWh͛s annually or an annual energy index of approximately 18-20kWh per/m2, the remaining power will eventually be provided by a 4kW grid connected solar panel system. Internal temperatures will passively peak at 24⁰ during later afternoon mid-winter, with the extreme low being 17⁰during early morning.

The combination of smart construction methods and materials, site specific environmental design, passive solar gain, passive cooling, energy efficient technologies and an eventual 4kW solar panel system will render the house energy self-sufficient.

+ Location: Huia, Manukau Harbour, New Zealand
+ Programme: Residence
+ Client: Private Owner
+ Site area: 1 acre
+ Built area: 230sqm
+ Status: Resource Consent
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Saran Chamroonkul