Significantly remodelled and re-planned, this multi-functional hospitality project incorporates a new restaurant, wine bar, whisky bar and several connecting open social courtyards. Previously the site was used as a single restaurant with many additions made over the years, adding to a complex and awkward planning arrangement. It was agreed that several existing buildings including an existing old Thai house would remain. These would be integrated into the new planning arrangement as best as possible.

A large gable warehouse structure was designed for the main restaurant area utilising some of the existing facilities from before. The kitchen is located in the centre of the layout becoming a show piece and feature, with dining outlooks onto an internal courtyard and whisky bar beyond.

A newly defined central corridor through the project links and visually connect all functions together, allowing occupants’ easy access to all venues.

Types of materials for the project include raw brick walls, , timber trusses in the restaurant, herringbone patterned basalt tiles, natural timbers around architectural edges and canopies, exposed mechanical and services equipment’s , black coloured metal window and door joinery, and tropical plants inside and outside.

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand 
+ Programme: Boutique Craft Beer Bar 
+ Client: Hathro Group 
+ Status:  Design Development
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Rob Lorenz


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