Stoney Creek Drive, Bethells, Auckland, New Zealand

Stoney Creek Drive, is situated in Bethells on the west coast of Auckland, in the heart of a beautiful ancient kauri forest, native bush preserve and natural wetland area. The house site is located within a restrictive foot print governed by protected bush covenants, large native trees which shade significant portions of the site during winter and flood plains.

The site specific design is sensitively positioned to optimise low angled winter sunlight, avoiding mid-winter shading from large overhanging trees, allowing abundant sunlight to flood the house naturally heating the feature insulated concrete floors.

+ Location: Bethells, Auckland, New Zealand
+ Programme: Family House
+ ClientPrivate Owner 
+ Site area: 4932sqm
+ Built area: 155sqm
Status: Resource Consent
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Saran Chamroonkul



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