Sairee Beach Villas in Chumphon, Gulf of Thailand, is a series of tropical beach front villas located on a pristine beach environment in southern Thailand. The architecture style is warm tropical modernism with an emphasis on local natural materials, clean architectural form, open planning, tropical garden design and passive airflow and cooling.

The project is developer driven which required the site to be optimised with regards to how many villas we could comfortably fit on site, while achieving seas views for all villas and generous outdoor living spaces. Villa orientation was determined by the natural southeast to northwest site axis, this also worked in conjunction with sea views and prevailing wind directions. External timber shutters close down and protect villas during typhoons (as well as relating to traditional historical tropical villas), during other times of the year the villas open up for outdoor living, cross ventilation and stack effect. The majority of construction in Southeast Asia is made from concrete (thermal mass), that means floors, structure, walls and roofs. Solar heat gain is a significant issue and often leads to overheating and excessive reliance on air conditioning. Designing for solar control, correct insulation strategies and passive ventilation is how we have addressed this.

The environmental response identifies seasonal wind paths, cross ventilation and airflow as critical factors informing the site layout and floor plan arrangements. Emphasis was also placed on surrounding green landscape for cooling, shade walls, and stack effect. Chumphon is situated on the east coast of southern Thailand. Seasonal wind directions blow from the southwest (southwest monsoon) usually starting in mid-May and ending in mid-October (summer-late summer). The northeast wind (northeast monsoon) normally starts in mid-October and ends in mid-February (late summer- winter).

The annual mean temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, temperatures can get as high as 38 degrees Celsius, therefore optimised cooling design was equally as important as the aesthetic direction

+ Location: Chumphon, Thailand
+ Programme: 5 x Residential Villas
+ Client: Developer
+ Site area: 2950sqm
+ Built area: 1500sqm
+ Status: 1 x Villa, Building Consent Approved
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Jutharat Thatprakob, Dario Balboni



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