Prototype Green House Competition, Singapore, New Zealand

An experimental environmental house design with no specific site in mind, accept for the assumption it͛s a hill and receives good sunlight. A conceptual design approach informed by site shape and environment has driven the formal appearance and layout of the house.

A centralized greenhouse acts as secondary passive solar heating device while also providing vegetables all year round. During summer the glass house remains open for ventilation, airflow and cooling.

The house is set up on a 4 x 5.6m grid using a modular precast concrete skin for cladding. The precast panels also work as thermal mass storage inside the house.

+ Location:  Generic Site
Programme: House
+ Client: Competition Entry
+ Site area: 4acres
+ Built area: 220sqm
+ Status: Design Development, Un-Built
Entry: FuturArc, Residential House, International Competition, Singapore
Entry: AAA Cavalier Bremworth Competition, Residential House, New Zealand

+ CreditDuncan Firth



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