Okaihau College Library Renovation and Addition in Okaihau, New Zealand,gets a new lease life. The existing early nineteenth century library building has been extensively modified and re-planned to bring it up to date with the Ministry of Education͛s requirements for a modern learning environment, and as well as New Zealand building code standards. The existing space received minimal direct natural light and was cold and damp.

The renovation and addition included extending the south side of the building for additional learning space achieving a large open plan, multi-functional space with the librarians reception located at the centre. This design choice created an opportunity to add a 20m long clerestory on the southern side of the building, capturing direct northern sunlight. From this we were able to optimise passive solar gain principles by bringing abundant winter sunlight into the building. Radiant energy is stored in thermal mass walls located on the far south side and assist in naturally heating the library space during winter. The large clerestory has mechanical windows which open and create a natural stack effect during summer exhausting warm air and keeping the building cool and comfortable.

This project was designed in conjunction with Moai Architects.

+ Location: Okaihua, New Zealand
+ Programme: School Library Renovation and Addition
+ Client: Ministry of Education
+ Site area: N/A
+ Built area: 260sqm
+ Status: Built
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Moai Architects



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