Emay Crescent, Pahi, Kaipara Harbor, New Zealand

Emay Crescent Home in Pahi is situated on the Kaipara Harbour, and is designed as a vernacular inspired home incorporating traditional New Zealand materials, site specific environmental design principles, passive solar gain with ample winter sunlight, sensitive westerly orientation optimising harbor views while reducing western solar gain, maximised air flow and outdoor living.

The small 71.5m² home is located on a very steep west facing 2080m² site, with the floor plan orientated in an east to west axis to achieve economy of construction, practical vehicle access, outdoor living and optimisation of westerly views. A 19m² loft space over bedrooms also further optimises the space.

A north facing veranda with a timber louvered roof will bring low angled winter sunlight into the front aspect of the home during winter and also provide shade to the outdoor living area during summer. Timber louvers are specifically located and angled to achieve winter and summer functions.

175mm thick suspended laminated timber flooring will capture and store radiant energy working as a heat sink, naturally heating the home during winter. Living spaces will receive direct passive solar gain with westerly outlooks over the Kaipara Harbour.

During summer the home is designed for optimised passive cooling using stack effect (hot air rising principle) and cross ventilation. Windows are specifically positioned to maximise passive air flow and cooling through the home, reducing heat build-up from westerly solar gain.

The house is designed for an anticipated electrical energy load of 1500-2000kWh͛s annually or an annual energy index of approximately 24.5kWh per/m2, the remaining power will eventually be provided by a 2kW grid connected solar panel system .Internal temperatures will passively peak at 24⁰ during later afternoon mid-winter, with the extreme low being 17⁰ during early morning.

Green technologies and features which have been considered for this home are, potential off-site prefabrication, structurally insulated panels, thick laminated timber construction panels, above code insulation for floor, walls and ceiling, onsite tiger worm composting system that treats black and grey water, hot water heat pump (sucks heat out of the air), 30,000 litres of rainwater harvesting, breathable bio-paints for interior finishes, New Zealand grown and made ͚shadow clad͛and ͚board and batten͛ for exterior finishes, New Zealand grown and made plywood for interior finishes, cedar fascia boards at roof edges, natural hardwood for timber roof louvers, insulated glass, energy efficient appliances will be standard items, and water efficient tapware will be used in the bathroom and kitchen.

The combination of standardised construction methods, site specific environmental design, passive solar gain, passive cooling, energy efficient technologies and an eventual 2kW solar panel system will render the house energy self-sufficient.

+ Location: Kaipara Harbor, New Zealand
+ Programme: Family House
+ Clientwww.sustainablesmallhouses.com
+ Site area: 2050sqm
+ Built area: 71.5sqm
+ Status: Building Consent
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Margriet Geesink, Saran Chamroonkul



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