Breathe, Medium Density Housing Proposal in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a competition entry for a characterful mixed-use medium density housing development which will have a unique historical ambience combined with spacious modern planning strategies.

Priority has been given to an abundance of natural light, community interactions, gardens, passive solar design, passive cooling and sustainable design principles. A total of 6000sqm of liveable space was achieved on a 2 acre brown field urban site.

Environmental design strategies have determined all building layouts. Every building allotment is designed for optimised passive solar gain receiving the maximum allowable sunshine hours during winter.

Climatic chimneys naturally ventilate and exhaust warm air from the buildings via stack effect, and correct eaves design will shade the interiors during summer. Roofs will receive solar panel systems for onsite power generation. Excess stormwater will be filtered through natural rainwater cleansing ponds discharging clean water into the Avon River.

+ Location: Corner Armagh Street and Madras Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
+ Programme: Medium Density Housing Development
+ Client: Competition Entry
+ Site area: 2acres
+ Built area: 6000sqm
+ Status: Design Development, Un-Built
+ Entry: Christchruch City Council, Breathe, Medium Density Housing Competition, Christchurch, New Zealand
+ Credit: Duncan Firth, Ron Esveld, James Staples



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